GRS - A Roadmap to Reliability

Global Reliability Solutions offers Preventive Maintenance Software and Service Solutions for optimizing the benefits realized from efficient and reliable maintenance programs in manufacturing.

The GRS Approach

Our goal is to help you optimize the benefits realized from efficient and reliable maintenance.

Developing the Roadmap

We start by developing a detailed, customized maintenance roadmap for your operation. Maintenance data profiles are created with all pertinent servicing information for every serviceable activity point.

Program Implementation

An agreed upon customized plan is established including; route walk-out of all equipment/systems/points with maintenance associates, training on the GRS System, and establishing a clear understanding of duties and responsibilities.

Program Optimization

Through our ongoing relationship with your plant associates, reviews and management of your maintenance data, along with detailed knowledge of your operation, we cultivate a continuous improvement culture at your plant.

Our Services

Our Success is Your Success.


A Clear Visible Difference

We care about your equipment as much as you do. Our team realizes that developing and optimizing an efficient maintenance program is an immense responsibility. Our overall solution isn’t just about software, we are there every step of the way to ensure your program evolves to World Class Maintenance status.

  • Keys to Your Success
  • Commitment
  • Persistence
  • Optimization
  • Granular Tracking
  • Auditing

World Class Reliability Software Solution

Develop and Implement

Track Performance

Continuous Improvement

World Class Maintenance

We Are Here to Help

Here are few of the concerns that we hear most often.

"It would be great if we could identify EVERY maintenance activity point in our facility"
"We don’t have an efficient way to track the maintenance performance of our operation, our equipment or our associates."
"We need a solution to keep our maintenance data accurate and maintained"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the expected ROI of a GRS Service Solution?

Results vary, but one recent client realized a 38% reduction in unscheduled downtime over 18 months after the program had been fully implemented in their plant.

What are the development costs?

For developing the maintenance roadmap, there's a one-time fee for all maintenance activity points on a piece of equipment. The GRS System Use Fee is a flat monthly rate based on the quantity of equipment per department enrolled in the GRS Program.

How do we start program development?

Select a critical piece of production equipment for initial development. The GRS Team creates the customized roadmap and activates the point profiles for servicing in the GRS System. You'll start using the system, then based on feedback, we fine-tune the roadmap to ensure you realize optimal benefits of the program.

How does GRS support the program after implementation?

The GRS Customer Service Team tracks performance of all activities in the system. Through analysis of performance data, we conduct on-going training of your associates to ensure optimal efficiency and benefits to your company. We keep your data current through close interaction with your maintenance team.

How secure are your servers?

GRS uses only dedicated servers with at least Level 4 Security for optimal protection of your data.

Who are the primary users of the GRS System?

Maintenance technicians, planners, specialists, reliability engineers and plant management.

Maximize uptime and keep your plant running efficiently!

Maximize uptime and keep your plant running efficiently!

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Get a closer look at how a customized GRS maintenance solution can help your business increase the uptime and efficiency of your plant equipment.